CENTRO CULTURAL MOVIL: “Mobile Hub” Public Interest Design and Participatory Design

HARC 130 Architecture Studio Project, 2015, Middlebury College​

Collaborated with Lyra Ding and Shan Zeng


“A Moveable Home” is designed to better serve the migrant farm workers in Vermont by transporting home-style food and sharing information about their community. The principal part of the design is a trailer that can be attached to an engine. The trailer contains three major components: a kitchen, a shopping area, and a convertible deck.










The farmers can purchase both fresh ingredients from the shopping area and prepare food that is heated in the kitchen. The counter located inside the truck serves as a cashier of the shopping area, the kitchen, and the vending window on the left side of the trailer. The multifunction of the counter shows the design idea of high utilization of space.


The deck provides a social space for people to

relax and communicate with each other. The fact

that the deck is foldable creates great flexibility.

The customers can choose whether to fold or unfold the deck and whether to open or close the transparent cover. The aim of this design is to allow as many sunlight inside as possible. There are also three skylights on the roof of the trailer. The purpose is to utilize natural light source to the utmost and to create bright and homy atmosphere for the farmers.



The information boards on the inside provide farmers with updated information of their community. The blackboard on the right outside of the trailer allows the farmers and their families to communicate with the Migrant Justice about their needs, suggestions and feedbacks. The rest of the outside of the trailer can be utilized as advertisment space to create profit.