Migrant Justice Headquarter

HARC 130 Architecture Studio Project, 2015, Middlebury College​

Collaborated with Jack Meservy

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The facility features a 504sf kitchen and a 441sf storage area to prepare and store food for the mobile hub. The facility features office space and a meeting room on the second floor for the Migrant Justice staff to organize their schedules

and conduct meetings with community members and business people.


The garage was made to shelter the mobile hub while not being in use and makes it easily accessible for workers to maneuver in and out of the hub. The garage has easy access to both the storage and kitchen areas so that loading and unloading will be efficient. There are two bathrooms, one on the second floor and one on the first floor.


Not only were we in charge of developing a

space to serve as the headquarters for the

Migrant Justice organization, we were also

faced with the task of creating a community

space. The location of the building is in a prime

spot of the downtown Burlington area. Our

facility sits at the corner of King Street and

St. Paul Street, which functions as a buzzing

intersection of the area. The block is a mix between residential and commercial properties, so we wanted to make our building fit the commercial mold while also serving as in inviting space for members of the community.












Our building plays into the landscape of the space and becomes the focal point of the intersection. A glass staircase on the northwest corner of our buildings catches the eye of pedestrians and commuters, creating a focal point for the building. On the south side of the lot, a park space with seating, trees and a small fountain makes the space more than just a center for Migrant Justice, but an area for the community members as well.

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This space would serve as the headquarters for the organizations management and members to conduct the day-to-day operations that the job entails. The space would also functions as the warehouse and storage facility for the mobile hub that designed in a previous project.

Model from different views
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Floor Plan
Level 1
Level 2