{ 3DKinect }

This is a seminar project to learn about basic 3D reconstruction techniques with RGB-D data mainly using PCL and Microsoft Kinect. In this project, we implemented an easy-to-use applet that streamlines some essential steps in the 3D reconstruction pipeline:

    (a) upload, visualize, capture, and save point cloud data;

    (b) edit, crop, recolor existing point clouds;

    (c) stitch multiple point cloud data together ( using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm       provided by PCL ) while visualizing the process of registration step by step.

For more details, see linked poster and final report

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.17.27 PM.png

Figure 1. Screenshot of the applet GUI during registration.



Figure 3. Before and after cropping.


Figure 2. Registration of multiple frames after cropping.